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17 August 2008 @ 03:54 pm
Summer Days, Drift Away- Chapter 1  
So like, here you go. I need to add the coverart, but I just wanted to post it so I can start working on other chapters.

Story: Summer Days, Drift Away
[I don't feel like doing an information part xD]

Be warned, things don't take off until probably the third chapter. JSYK. 


Though after this chapter, you might not wanna. :p
I'm so hard on myself.

Most people think of the beach as a vacation. Somewhere you would go with your family or maybe your friends for a week or so, once or twice a year, right? Emily used to think of the beach that way, but that was before she found out she was moving there. That’s right, bright and beautiful Ocean City. It’s a funny story, how that all happened. When Emily’s father was asked to contribute rides for the boardwalk theme park, where all the roller coasters and such where, he didn’t realize that would mean relocating his family to the Eastern Shore. Which really didn’t fit well with Emily’s plan to start high school after the Summer concluded.

Emily, however, had no choice or say in the matter. As the Summer came to an open, she officially became a citizen to the beach. A prisoner, in her eyes. She had to start all over, she had nothing. Okay, there goes a lie. Jessica, Emily’s best friend, moved there three years before, and through all the complications, the two managed to maintain such a strong relationship. It’s a good thing too, because otherwise, Emily would have nothing.

With the sun boiling up to the temperature of 93 degrees, the moving van twisted through the unfamiliar neighborhood of West Palms. After the four hours of driving, the truck pulled up in front of a large, stone house. The exterior looked very architectural, professional. It looked the same as every other house in the neighborhood. With a melodramatic sigh, directed towards her mom, who rolled her eyes at her daughter’s grief, Emily jumped from the truck onto the glowing green grass. Squinting from the sun that peered over the roof of the house, Emily’s mother joined her at her side, boxes in hand. “Grab a box or two sweetie, the movers will get the big stuff when they arrive with the other truck.” A silent grunt and roll of the eyes, Emily shook her head before turning to the truck.

Returning with a box labeled Dance Wear; Emily struggled to carry the box into the house. Her mother made her carry all of her dance materials, seeing as if Emily was so passionate, she would rather do the work herself. Nice Mom, very nice. Goodbye my almost lover; goodbye my hopeless dream. Another sigh. Emily dropped the box to floor, her hand reaching for her jean shorts back pocket, where her phone chimed on her, uplifting ringtone. Glancing onto the flashing screen, the name Arrogant Loser rolled across the screen. It was Jessica, but that was her nickname. Emily had one of her own, Holy Skank to be exact. What a lovely pair of friends.

“Hey-“ Emily began into the phone, “Yeah, hi. I saw your truck pull up so I need you to go out front, walk four houses down and turn right. Cody’s driving us to the boardwalk.” Well, that was a fast cutoff. Pondering over whatever her friend had just rambled into the earpiece, Emily glanced around the house for her Mother. She had no idea where she would be, which rooms were for who, or anything. “Hold on Jess- Mother?!” Emily hollered through the house, up the staircase. No answer. She wasn’t going to be very persistent either, she was annoyed with her Mother, annoyed with her Father, and her Brother too. “Okay I’m coming, repeat the directions?” Oh such confidence in her voice, let’s just hope she doesn’t get busted later.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Welcome to Maryland, boys.” The sweet sound of Denise Jonas’ voice filled her four sons ears. The reaction to her statement consisted of grunts, questionable sighs and one high pitched ‘woot’ from little Frankie. Rock stars don’t take family vacations, at least not to simple states like Maryland. God Forbid! “Lighten up boys! It’s the ocean, you all used to love spending time at the beach.“ That’s right Denise, reminisce on the past.

“Kevin, be a dear and take your brothers out onto the boardwalk. Frankie wants to hit the beach.” “Mom, I am more than capable of watching out for Nick, I’ll be 19 in August. I don’t need Kevin babysitting us.” Joe whined, while Nick chuckled from behind. “Yeah, and I’ll be 16, I don’t need you.” He murmured to his childish brother. Always trying to seem more mature. That’s Nick Jonas for you.

Shaking her head, profusely, Denise held her hand out to her boys, “No, no, I would like Kevin to take you. I’m hoping he will keep you in line, Joseph-“ Eruption of giggles amongst the other three sons, “And I would like you trying not to cause unnecessary attention to yourselves. I’m hoping you won’t get mobbed of girls.” Well, we all have wishes Denise. Surrendering into his mother’s wishful hope, Nick sighed, tucking his hands into the pockets of his red skinny jeans. Who wears jeans to the beach? Have any of these brothers ever heard of shorts? “Fine Mom.” Joe grunted, he was now out numbered. “Oh thanks a lot, President.” He shook his head, backing away from the group, already headed down the boardwalk.

Shooting her sons a look, Kevin as well as Nick followed. Once out of earshot, “Damn Joe, couldn’t you be a little more respectful, the woman only birthed you!” Kevin started up, taking a side next to Joe. Nick trailed slightly behind, ducking his head, his Raybans nor supporting his eyes enough. He tried tuning out the bickering coming from his older brothers. They didn’t act older, anyway. His eyes watching his feet, he felt a sudden jerk against his shoulder, sending him to take one small step back, caught off balance. Attacked by girls, already? His eyes focused onto a figure, stumbling back the other way. It was definitely a girl, his eyes trailed from her un-balanced feet up her body. She wasn’t tall, but she could have been shorter, or so he concluded. Dirty blonde hair, wrapped in a hair tie, sporting the high pony-tail.

“Whoa- sorry.” The girl offered, and he nodded, silently. Never one for words, as he? Catching herself before falling over, The girl studied him as he studied her. Her eyebrows knitted together, showing a wave of confusion. “Um, okay then…” she swung her hands over her hips, opening her mouth to say something else. “Em, hurry up!” The girl closed her mouth, her head turning to another girl a few feet ahead. She looked back to the boy, he looked down at his feet. She mused a smiled, “If you keep looking down there, you’re going to end up mauling a three year old.”

He quickly shot his head up, and the girl was giggling, shaking her head lightly, turning away and following up the boardwalk to her friend, who looked in a bit of a daze. “Nicholas!” Kevin called, walking over to his younger brother. “Joe ran in that store, he found a Barney boogie-board. I’m not supposed to leave you alone out here.” “Do you ever break the rules, Kevin?” Nick asked forcing a small smile as his brother placed a hand on his shoulder, leading him to the store alongside the boardwalk. “Very funny Nick.”

Before the two could enter into the side store, Joe busted out, without the Barney board, thankfully. “Dudes, DDR contest down at the arcade on the pier. Let’s move!” He brushed by his brothers, Nick sighing and Kevin patting Nick’s back, sportingly. It must be hard having Joseph as a brother. After a five minute jog from one end of the boardwalk to the other for Joe, he stumbled into the arcade where various Dance Dance Revolution machines were set up. He paused to catch his breath while taking in the scene. All the games were taken or filled, so he stepped up his game, following a trail to the corner machine, where a girl was finishing up her game. “I’ll play you, kid.” He said once her round finished, not giving her a moment to catch her own breath.

Raising an eyebrow, she turned to the older boy. He looked so familiar, just like that other boy did. But why? “First off, I’m not a kid. Secondly, I don’t think you have what it takes, not gonna’ lie.” Joe scoffed, stepping onto the platform, placing his hands on his hips. “Bring it on.” 


Okay, so I know this chapter was very draggy and poorly written, but once they get past getting to know eachother and all, it'll be alot easier for me to write. Please bare with me until then. Even if I write like a 14 year old. :p

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Amandaloner_angel on August 18th, 2008 02:54 am (UTC)
OMFG!! I am so in love with this story already I can't even begin to tell you! EMERZ!!! It's amazing no matter what the heck you say ;) Please post more ASAP!
 Hope ♥: JJ → ○♣~lovatos on August 18th, 2008 03:11 am (UTC)
Um yeah. Pretty much I'm in love with this story.
It sounds like it's going to be BRILLIANT. :)

And you don't write like a 14 year old. Trust me there are a lot of people MY AGE that can't write as good as you. :)
Can't wait until you update!!