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25 May 2008 @ 01:20 pm
Beautiful Eyes; Chapter 1  
 Title: Beautiful Eyes
Author: Emily, savetruelove
Rating: PG13, just to be safe.
Word Count: 1,291
Summary: Taylor Swift, will be performing on CMT's crossroad, with the Jonas Brothers. When one brother crosses the line, tempers will flare, but that may not be the only thing..."My southern accent lowers my I.Q just about ten points. I can read it across their faces, which honestly, makes me scowl."
Authors Note: Jaylor fic. Something I've wanted to try.

Hollywood is fucked up. I would say fame is fucked up, but I’d be lying. The only thing that’s screwy to be honest is this rumor drama that attacks us celebrities. Yes, those fucking paparazzi, with their fucking rumors, which evidently, everyone believes. Like last week, I was reported to be sleeping with some other teen sensation. What the hell?! I’m eighteen, I don’t even have sex!
But according to Perez Hilton, I do. Oh yeah, with Joe Jonas. I don’t even know who that kid is! Isn’t he like, in some Disney show or something? Who cares! All I care about is getting that fucked up Perez back. So news flash, not everything the princess-wanna-be says, is true. But you see, that’s where I’m wrong! Everything he says is true! Except for all my bull! What did I ever do to that guy anyway?!?
 Why was all this happening to me anyway? I’m not new or anything, well not that new, so shouldn’t he and his paparazzi be off, sporting some slutty Miley Cyrus pictures or something? I have better things to be worrying about. I have songs to write, photos to take, interviews do be done, and some celebrity duet thing tomorrow night, which I have to rehearse for for maybe twelve hours today? Partially because I don’t know the band, or their songs.
Okay, so that’s a lie. The duet thing is CMT’s Cross Roads. Only the show I’ve been dreaming to perform on since it first premiered. Basically, they pair up your country singer, me in this case, with a non-country band or singer. And well, they don’t tell you who the other singer is until the day before. Where the long ass rehearsal takes place so not only I can learn their songs, but they can learn mine. So hear I am, finishing applying a thin coat of Flirt lip gloss before meeting my partner in entertainment. Okay, so maybe I’m so not slick with my phrasing. I’m a country singer, not a writer.
When I find myself finishing up with my gloss, I begin tossing around my large curls. Most girls hate curls, but I love mine. Besides, it takes two and a half hours to straighten my head. Not fun, trust me. I settle for just leaving them lay loose, cascading down my back. I always wore them like that, why bother changing?
Before stepping out of the Cross Road dressing room, I shut down my laptop, making the rumor filled page, go black. I admit, just like any other eighteen year old, I am addicted to my facebook.  As I walk towards the stage, I realize this theatre was surprisingly cold when empty. I bring my arms up and wrap them around each other as I step forward onto the stage. Crap, my hands are cold too. I just shake it off though, I am a professional, I don’t have time to worry about the little things. But then again, if such things bothered me, why was I always prancing around in spaghetti strap dresses? I am just so damn contradicting. You wouldn’t believe what goes on in my mind, behind the bubbling curls.  On the stage, I find myself being yapped at, and pushed by some techie. I’m sure she’s stage manager or something. But I cannot make out her words, her mouth sounds like static. Only seconds later I am staggering over to a group of young boys. I thought they didn’t let fans in here? Did they enter a contest or something?
Only nearly bumping into the shortest one, I notice they’re all pretty short. Well, compared to my 5’11 height. Abnormal, I’ve heard. I mean, they aren’t short or anything, but their average. And why am I judging them on their height? My thoughts override me, as I make myself come off as a complete loser. Were pretty much standing there, three of us, in an awkward semi-circle. Nobody has spoke yet, I don’t know why I can’t bring myself to words. But shortly, I don’t have to, after one of he boys extends his hand, introducing himself as Kevin. I smile genuinely, as I take his hand in mine, shaking it. He’s just as tall as me, which I think shocks both of the boys. Then the other boy, the smallest, introduces himself as Nicholas. He was quieter but I think he has the potential to be a star on his own.
I’m really not shy, I’m just cold. I brush back the hanging curls, as I open up my facing, coming off as letting my guard down. “Hey, I’m Taylor.” Taylor. Inside, I’m wincing at the name. I hate it. It’s so boring, damn, why couldn’t it be something eccentric? Maybe unique. Just a little bit more than Taylor. My southern accent lowers my I.Q just about ten points. I can read it across their faces, which honestly, makes me scowl. Unnoticeably, but its there. “No, we know who you are.” Kevin starts up. I think he’s trying to smirk, flirt, but really, it looks more like a goody-to-shoes attempting to go bad grin. Only a matter of seconds until Nick cuts in. “Joe talks about you, he likes one of your songs, actually. You two are seeing each other?” It’s a question, but it sounds a lot more like a disapproving fact.
At this, I gulp. If I was ‘seeing’ his brother Joe, that would have to make them the Jonas Brothers. And if Nick knew of this rumor that means they probably all did. Well, those first thirty seconds were pleasant….
“Uh, right, Joe. You read Perez too?” I laugh nervously, as they both mock the action. I don’t think they’re trying to come off the Chief. “Naw,” Kevin waves his hand. “More like our Mom actually. She likes to know these things.” I nod my head, once again my curls bobbing.  
“But congratulations, you’ve made my big Perez debut…”A new voice, sexy, dare I say, added, as a strong hand was placed onto my back. I jumped, the breath getting caught up in my throat at the feel. Cold, just like mine. Of course I took a step forward, abruptly, turning back a little to face a third boy. His debut? I roll my eyes timidly, as I stick my hand out, first this time.
“Hi Joe.” I don’t bother adding my name, I’m pretty sure he knows this little tidbit by now. “Taylor.” He smirks while stating all-knowingly stepping farther over to his brother Kevin. His smirk is not like Kevin’s. No, it’s actually sexy, the way his lips curve, and the way his eyes work with his eyebrows… oh no, the last time I talked about a guys looks like this, was when I liked Drew. And we all see how that turned out, hey; the guy landed me a hit single. And hey, don’t tell anybody, but I don’t mind the way Taylor sounds coming from his lips.
“Your brothers were just telling me you like to talk about me.” I smirked back. Hey, two can play this game, and his side glare to Nick didn’t go unnoticed by me either. “Don’t flatter yourself, I like your music.” His voice sounded rough that time, his eyebrows furrowed the slightest bit, as did mine. He turned on his heels, pulling out his Voyager simultaneously, then began stepping off the opposite side of the stage, while keying in some words into the phone. I rolled my eyes, raising my arms, just to let them drop.

“So he’s a diva?” I ask the other brothers, who look just as surprised, maybe a bit annoyed, as I do. This should be a fun twelve hours.
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Amya_train909 on May 31st, 2008 11:42 pm (UTC)
i love this!
Emilysavetruelove on June 7th, 2008 12:47 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm worknig on some stuff now, I've been really busy so I hope to update this weekend!
mebish2mebish2 on June 3rd, 2008 07:36 am (UTC)
Ooh, I like this!

Two of my favs-- Jonas and Taylor Swift!
Emilysavetruelove on June 7th, 2008 12:47 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
Same here, Joe and Taylor,= life! hah.
tarnshdsuprstar on July 17th, 2008 12:21 am (UTC)
You better finish this. I'm going to keep bugging you until you write more.